Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Am I just a defeated Democrat or is there just too much empty debate going on? I have been noticing a growing trend around taking a ridiculous stance on some topic and then just using it as bait to create buzz, or hype or in some cases 'content'. Is it a result of growing up during the cold war? Or was it the "cola war"? C'mon, you know what I mean; Mac vs. PC, (or Apple vs. Microsoft) Coke vs. Pepsi etc.

Here's an example of a rant, thinly disguised as content (read the posts to clarify why it's just bad).

Heck even this bicycle advocacy site is "pointing out media bias, faulty reasoning, and misinformation."

So it got me thinking, what if miraculously all that bogus content and debate could just be removed from the internet? Sort of like a giant SPAM filter for content… I guess that is why aggregating your own content is becoming more popular and essential.

Geez, what would the world be like if we could just eliminate it altogether. I guess it's a by-product of a consumer society. I mean, where there IS no difference, the market must CREATE a difference.
So the hair splitting value of the taste of Coke can be differentiated (blind taste test, yeah right) from Pepsi.

I'm not a "mac-guy", I use a mac, but I use PCs too. Stop using "liberal" like it's a bad word.