Tuesday, March 15, 2005

security, fear, power and violence

I am curious to know why bodies are discovered in parks in Washington DC. (Shondra Levy and Vince Foster) and how judges can be shot inside their courthouses and how Anthrax keeps showing up on government mail and no one is ever found responsible, or in the case of court shootings, how it even happens to begin with. It makes me wonder how all the "hunt for Bin Laden" business is ever going to pan out and for that matter, the whole War on Terror.

Don't get me wrong I don't believe terrorism is in any way a legitimate political tool. My grandfather was a terrorist (IRA) or patriot depending on who you're talking to and I have been thinking about this stuff alot lately. I mean, who's wrong? who's in the wrong? What is wrong? "Wrong" in these complex political situations seems to be a grey area.

Isn't he US one of the largest manufacturer's and distributors of weapons on this great earth? What do we think all that weaponary will reap? I find the religiosity of our president and the weapons budgets incongruous. I find the brawn over brains policy lacking, it seems to be a media sport to call the UN useless of inneffective, like intelligent discussion and consensus are foolish ideas for dreamers. Maybe diplomacy is dead.


xtina said...

regarding the incongruousness of Gee Dub's god-invoking vis a vis his hawkishness and warmongering -- i think the real irony is that a man who claims to be so simple is so complex!


w/r/t CW of the masses finding the "UN Channel" to be boring, useless, ineffective etc: sometimes i try to draw my husband out into a conversation when we disagree on something. at a certain point, often earlier than i would like, he will express impatience with the process and demand that the discussion end. i think it's fairly common for people to prefer action over thought. we all have our tolerances for the process of reaching consensus, and sometimes it's just easier to beg forgiveness later than to ask permission. it takes a lot less energy!

Anonymous said...

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