Sunday, November 06, 2005


It's a powerful tool but without proper discipline it can become an addiction. There's a great article on about how it can scare big companies like Walmart. I like that. I recently had a conversation about the different levels fo googling skill that people have (some can seemingly find anything, some not a damn thing.)

So I googled someone I know and found some fascinating info on them, do I share that? Am I a google-stalker? A googalker® ( I am registering that!) Maybe I'm just up too late.

The info is obviously publicly available, but maybe this is one of those grey areas of internet privacy. I think of it as like catching a glimpse into someone's window.

Incidentally, I happen to share the same name as a rather well represented management consultant/guru who has written books and gives expensive lectures, so my name is coopted int he google universe by him. What should we call that? Goog-jacking?


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